Best Birthday Present Ever!

14 06 2007

My birthday was this past Tuesday and boy did my Fiance hit it right on the mark! We’re stitting at dinner (nice casual steak house, more on that later) and he tells me it’s time to open my package.

It’s a nice, flat, purple tissue-paper-wrapped package. Hmmm…I feel it. What could it be? Honestly, it felt like a birthday card wrapped up in tissue.

After unwrapping several layers I get to a very nicely made card (he’s a whiz on the computer) and begin reading. The front has an explanation about how this year is different and I get to PICK MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE. Yes, you read that right, birthday PACKAGE. Not present, package.

When you open the card there are six themed packages with all kinds of presents. There was a computer package with computer upgrades, a cd, and a wii game. There was a shopping package with $50 gift cards to six of my favorite stores. There was a spa package with $350 in spa treatments. All kind of goodies!

I’ve narrowed it down to two packages. The “mobile” package which includes a new case for my Treo, Tomtom map updates, a bluetooth headset to call my very own, a cleaning of my Treo, and new laptop case (that I would use for my wedding coordinator business) and the “sport” package which includes a custom-fitted wetsuit, a wetsuit hanger, a scuba hood, and a sport bag to put all my gear. Narrowing it down to these two packages was h.a.r.d. Now I’m stuck. What to do? What do you think internet?

Oh, yes, and the steakhouse was amazing! A very fun place with delicious food. For my birthday they brought me out this giant bowl of cotton candy with a candle in the middle! How cool is that?!

Yeah, 25 is going to be a good year. Although I have decided that 25 sounds a little old (no offense to anyone reading this) and this year I’m going to say that I’m still 24. And maybe I’ll still be 24 next year. You know, so that when I reach 30 it’s more believable.




2 responses

14 06 2007

I heart cotton candy! Sounds like a greaty present and a great guy! Happy Birthday!

14 06 2007

Yay! You got a blog! Now when you get all big and famous don’t forget about me! 🙂

And I would totally choose the geeky package. Especially if you could get him to swing for a LV laptop bag.

I just turned 25 this year, too. So far its not to terrible.

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