What is it About the Sun?

19 06 2007

What is it about the sun that makes it impossible to get any work done?  I’m sitting here at work (yes, I’m a 9-to-fiver) with the sun shining in through my window and I can not bring myself to do anything.

Now, I’ll admit, for the most part my job is pretty boring.  There are things to get done here and there but for the most part I am afforded the luxury of not being rushed.  However, during the summer there is a part of me that just can’t stand being inside this building waiting for five o’clock to roll around so I can bounce outside.

I sit here and think of all the wonderful things I could be doing like swimming in the ocean, reading a magazine by the pool, going for a lovely walk that might end up at a frozen yogurt shop…ahhhh.  It all sounds so good while I’m cooped up here.  But of course, when the weekend rolls around I’ll end up doing chores rather than doing all of things I’ve daydreamed about all week.

Where is that happy medium where I feel like I can let go of work and chores and just enjoy life.  It’s hard for me to enjoy things when the little voice in the back of my head is saying “Don’t forget to do the laundry tonight” and “You should lay out your clothes for tomorrow before you go to bed.”  Internet, do you have any tips?  How do you handle a busy life and free time?




One response

20 06 2007

Hahahaha. Your getting married soon…its just gonna get even busier. 🙂

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