Dead on the Floor

20 06 2007

Today I started my morning workout bootcamp.  Ummm…yeah.  Who thought this was a good idea again?  Was it me?  Because I think my sanity needs to be re-evaluated.

The bootcamp starts at 6am sharp.   We started with a nice mile long run.  Uphill.  Running uphill.  Not something I love to do.

Then there’s stretching, then the run again…and again.  Yes, I ran 3 miles…uphill…at 6am this morning.  (And maybe the delirium I have from doing so is why I’m using all these ellipses.”

It was tougher than I thought it would be.  After the first run I was actually dizzy and thought I might throw up so I took it a little easier on the last two runs.  Of course, I’m the last one back every time but no one seems to mind too much that they’re waiting for me.  Not yet at least.

The point of me signing up for this bootcamp is to get in shape for my September wedding but really, shouldn’t I stay chubby so that everyone can see how much Chris loves me?  I mean, if he’s willing to marry me chubby (which he is, he says I’m beautiful just the way I am) then isn’t that a bigger testament to his love?  Because if I’m thin and dead, what good will that be?




3 responses

20 06 2007

Thanks for your comment.

I love your last paragraph: the why you’re doing the bootcamp, the attempt to justify Not doing it, all with an appropriately pessimistic end.

20 06 2007
Thinking Out Loud

That made me tired just reading it. 3 miles at 6 am! I don’t think I could do that. Keep up the hard work!

20 06 2007

Thin and dead is no good at all. 😉 Besides, 6am is just WRONG.

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