What happened to me?

2 08 2007

Hmmm…what happened to me? Good question! I don’t really know the answer. Perhaps this whole blog things hit me and I ran away with my tail between my legs. Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe I went on vacation for a few days and when I came back I felt so guilty for not blogging for a few days that I was scared to come back. Yeah, I think that’s what it was. Hmph.

Okay, I think the best bet is just to cut our losses and move on. Moving on…

So, I’m working on figuring out how to do this whole “bar” thing for the wedding.  Chris and I ideally would like to have beer/wine/and three specialty drinks for a 6 hour bar.  This is where we run into the problem.

The company that you can hire to take care of all this came back with a quote that was a little higher than I had hoped so I’ve been trying to price things out on my own.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to guesstimate what and how much your random family/friends will drink that night?  I mean, what if they just had a terrible day at work and want to get smashed?  Will I have enough alcohol to accommodate them?  Or what if they just converted to Mormonism (is that the right word?) and refuse to drink?  Will I be left lugging all this extra alcohol that I can’t return back to the hotel?  Ugh.  It’s so hard!

My Mom was trying to help me figure all this out while on instant messenger today and she happened to mention that a few people had asked for my address so they could send me gifts.  (Present, for me?!  yay!!!)  Well, I asked her if she thought it was a good idea that when people ask her what to get me, she could just say “You know, they already have lots of stuff but they could really use a few bottle of chambord!”  Do you think  I could stock my bar this way?  Do you think people would think it rude?  Haha, I think I’m a genius!




2 responses

3 08 2007

Welcome back!

I have no wisdom for you on the bar thing. Your Mormon converts will probably cancel out your smashed guests though, so planning for whatever the averages or suggested amounts per guest is probably pretty safe…or just make your mom make the decision. That way if it is wrong, you can blame her and if it is right, you can take the glory for beutiful delegation.

3 08 2007

Well its about time, damn it.

And if I were coming to your wedding I’d drink about 10 shots of vodka. Because thats what I do. Does that help any?

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