Going Deaf

6 08 2007

Scuba on Saturday started off terribly.  We hooked up and climbed into all of our rental gear (don’t even get my started on the crapiness of rental gear) and got into the water.  Then, we tried to descend.  We got down to about 20 feet but I could not stay down for the life of me.  If I let go of the anchor or stopped swimming down I would shoot to the surface.

This being the first time that Chris and I scuba’d together just by ourselves (no instructor) it was a learning experience.  I have no navigational instincts so Chris was doing all of the navigating.  When I realized how hard it was for me to stay down I was trying to tell Chris that I wanted to go back and get out.  Ummm…yeah…no one taught us a hand sign for this.  So, I would point in a direction (no particular one) and then do the hand signal for “I want to go up.”  Since I was pointing straight and then pointing up Chris had no idea what I wanted so he assumed I had no idea what I was doing and that I was actually giving him the thumbs up and he’s smile and give me the thumbs up as well.

We finally got out of the water, worked out some new hand signals, rented some heavier weight, and the second dive was much more enjoyable.  Saw some cool black-light colored fish and even had a swarm of Garibaldi’s around us.   Oh yeah, and then there was the swarm of anchovies that englufed us, that was crazy!

The scary part was the next morning, when I woke up early to get my day started because I had a wedding to coordinate for a client.  I went into the bathroom and discovered some dried blood in my ear.  Panicked, I called Chris over who decided that we needed to call the Divers Emergency line.  They paged the on-call doctor for me and after lots of questions he determined that it wasn’t an emergency but that if I still couldn’t hear right or was bleeding today that I should go see someone.  I’m not bleeding and I can hear fine so I guess I’m okay but I’m still a little nervous.  I may end up going to see the doc anyways just to make sure I didn’t mess anything up.

I’m very squeemish and the thought of blood and ear tissue and …..bleh…I can’t even think about it.   And of course, everytime I think about, the sensitivity in my ear goes way up and it’s like I can feel every tiny membrane in there and then I get more nervous all over again.  Yuck, it’s going to be an inner-ear feeling kind of day.




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6 08 2007

An inner-ear feeling kind of day. Ha! Hope everything is okay.

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