8 08 2007

I’m a very organized person. All the files in my desk are colored code and then alphabetized. My dresser drawers have categories. There is an order to the dishes in the cupboard. And that is why when I bought my 2ft by 3ft by 2ft plastic box that I saw no problem in saying that that was where I was going to keep the stuff for the wedding.

Yeah. For two days maybe. Since buying that box my wedding crap has multiplied exponentially. I can’t even see the box anymore. There are Michael’s bags and ebay boxes and more Michal’s bags piled on top of it sky high.

How did it get like this? Am I a victim of having a two year engagement? Has all this time only allowed me to thumb through the Martha Stewart Wedding magazines longer than I should have so that I come up with perfect craft upon perfect craft?

These are the questions I ponder as I painstakingly glue my paper hibiscus flower escort cards together. Yeah, the ones that I thought would be too cute to pass up. That was before I realized that it takes me a half hour to make one. ONE. And I have 110 to do.

Someone save me from my wedding crafts!




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10 08 2007
Oh, The Joys

Just wait until you have children. All your best organization skills just festering there in the wake of their chaos.

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