What is it about August

13 08 2007

Is it just me or do your cars always break down in August too?

Last year Chris and I were just hoping that our car would last until after the wedding.  Then comes August and the tranmission dies.  We could either pay $2000 to fix it or trade it in for $1000 towards another car.  We chose to trade it in.

We were smarter this time and got the 90,000 or 6 year warranty on the new one (it was a year old when we bought it with just under 9,000 miles).  On exactly the 1 year anniversary of our buying it, it started to grumble when stopped with the air conditioning on.  We made an appointment to bring it into the shop to have it looked at.

Then, this weekend, the brakes started grinding.  Then they stopped.  Then they were grinding.  Grinding, stopping, grinding, stopping!

It’s in the shop now, with poor Chris stranded there until they fix it.  We had an 8:30am appointment but of course he gets there at 8am with the car and they tell him they can’t see it until 11:00.  Umm…and what was the point of the appointment?!  Apparently they are  ordering a new carbonator (I think tha’s what it’s called) to fix the grumbling and then we’ll have to bring it back tomorrow to have it put it.  (Hmmm…think the appointment will make a difference this time?).  Yeah, and then they told us that the breaks had NO break pads left and that would be $200 please.

Great, $200 car repairs 4 weeks before the wedding do NOT make me a happy puppy.




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