Weird Kid Hyjinks

15 08 2007

My Mom has been reminiscing with me a lot recently about what I was like as a little girl.  I think she’s getting nostalgic now that I there’s less than a month until the wedding.  We’ve talked about all kinds of funny stories from my childhood but one in particular always strikes me as funny.

Kids always seem to have some sort of childhood story about poo.  Here is mine.

When I was younger and still in diapers my mom would find me standing behind the doors in the apartment very quietly.   She would ask me what I was doing and without fail I always said “nothing.”  I didn’t seem to be hurting anything so she’d let me be.  One day, she could hear me grunting and she again asked what I was doing.  When I replied with my usual “nothing” she said “Charlotte…I know you’re doing soooomething.”  I yelled back that I was “inspecting the hinges.”

Where I came up with that I don’t know.  We’re not even sure how I knew what hinges were at that age but I knew that I had to think fast.  Had to give my mom an excuse that there was a chance she’d buy.  So yes, that was my excuse.

What’s your funny poo story?  I know you have one.




3 responses

16 08 2007

Inspecting the hinges. Hahaha. You dork. My poo story is much worse though, because I was about 5 years old…I went to my neighbors house to see if their daughter could play and while I was standing there knocking on the door I realized I really had to poop. I kept knocking, but they must not have been home because they never answered. And I pooped my pants right there on their front porch.

16 08 2007

Eeewww…Karly, gross! haha

19 08 2007
Oh, The Joys

I’m totally calling it that from now on.

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