Orphans Making a Mess

5 09 2007

My Mother does not have an easy life and recently the onslaught of dementia in my Granma has not helped.

Last night my Grandma found her way outside her apartment building and hitched a ride a midnight down the block.  She wandered around for awhile and then found her way back to her apartment.  She didn’t realize she was home and so called my Mother.  She proceeded to tell her that she was having an important meeting with a man in her apartment.

Concerned, my Mom went over to her place.  No one was there except my Grandma who insisted that my Mom brought 12 orphans with her who were banging on her piano and making a real mess.   My Mom tried to explain that she didn’t have any orphans with her but my Grandma could “see” them.  My Mom finally got her put back to bed and went home.

6 a.m and the paper delivery girls calls my Mom.  Grandma was walking the halls of her building, knocking on people’s doors, looking for some imaginary friends who had their legs amputated.  Mom had to physically restrain her from running out of the building and now they’re at the hostpital.

Apperently, Grandma has a UTI (too much info?) and when dementia patients have those it makes them go extra crazy.  The doctors think they can fix it by tomorrow but in the meantime she’s shaking and scratching herself.

Do any of you have relatives with dementia?   How do you handle situations like this?  You obviously can’t be mad but it’s scary to leave them at home after an incident like this.




2 responses

5 09 2007

My grandma had dementia, but wasn’t mobile enough to do things like this. She had self selected to like in assisted living/nursing care for her physical health long before her memory really failed.

My heart hurts for you.

6 09 2007

Ah, I’m sorry about your grandma. Thats got to be hard.

My grandma is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and its so horrible to see.

Good luck with your grandma.

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