7 09 2007

My Mom and I, we’re close.  We talk every. single. night.  (Um, yeah, once I told her that I wasn’t going to call her the next day because I had an audition and she forgot.  When I didn’t call by 10pm she called Chris and when he didn’t answer she was about to call the cops when Chris called her back.  Can you say paranoid?)

Well, with all this talking going on we have little misunderstandings sometimes.   Her first language is French so sometimes the most appropriate words or way of saying something escapes her.  Here are two examples:

1) We were talking about the wedding the other day and she says “So, what are you giving out as door prizes?”  Um, door prizes?!  It’s a wedding Mom, NOT a carnival.  I was very insulated and she had no idea why.  We finally figured out that she meant favors.

2) Last night we were talking about how exciting that it is that she’s flying out tonight (yes, tonight, OMG!).  She says “I can’t wait to see the HUGE people!”  Now, she’s lost quite a bit of weight recently and Chris and I are a little chunky but geez!  No need to be so snarky about it.  When I balked at this comment she had no idea why.  Apparently she meant that she couldn’t wait to wake up to my t.v.  When she visits she sleeps on a blow up matress in front (like 2″ in front) of my 60″ t.v.  She loves waking up to a huge Matt Lauer.  So, yeah, that comment was missing some context when she said it.  She’s lucky I love her enough to try and understand what she’s saying.

Mom, I love you.  You crack me up woman!




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