Raining…not pouring..

15 10 2007

It’s dreary out today and I love it.  L.A. is the absence of weather so anytime it’s something other than 80 degrees and sunny it’s fun!

It sprinkled (and by sprinkled I mean a few very tiny drops) this morning and of course the weathermen are already going crazy.  “It’s pouring out there!” is their phrase of choice.  They get so excited when there’s actually something to report I’d just hate to break their spirits by letting them know that it’s not actually pouring.

The only downside to rain in L.A. is that driving gets really scary!   Because it only rains about 3 days a year, the rest of the time the roads fill up with oil.  So when it finally does rain, the roads are super slippery and cars crash into each other all over the place.

Because of this, I think that I should get off from work today.  I mean really, do they want me to have to drive home from the office when it’s so dangerous?  No, of course not, they wouldn’t want that liability.  So, if my boss comes out and sends me home I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and do what he says  :p




One response

19 10 2007

Good Lord! Where the heck do you live? 70,000 is nearly what our house cost! I guess thats the midwest for ya, though…we had our cousin in from Aspen and he said he’d like to buy our house and when we told him how much he looked at us like we were crazy. He said in Aspen it would go for closer to 500,000. LOL. So, yeah, thats not helpful at all. Unless it makes you want to move here? Then you wouldn’t have to save so much!

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