How Will I Be Strong?

23 10 2007

Today the hubs and I are going to the photographers house to pick out an album. We weren’t originally going to get an album but our photographer made us a deal: She would give us a $500 album credit if we didn’t make her print out 1500 4×6’s like was in our contract. Since we have no idea where we would store all these pictures, we took the credit.

Today we go over to look at our options. I’ve already reviewed the types of albums she has and I’ve narrowed it down to two. There the financially responsible one that only costs $600 ($100 after the credit) and contains 50 pictures and is just fine OR there is the $1100 one that contains 100 pictures. Truth be told, I have no idea how I’d narrow all the pictures down to 100 let alone 50. Will my wedding lust never end? Will I be strong and not spend $600 that I can’t afford? Stay tuned to see.

…and because I can, here are a few pictures from the ones she took.

Getting Ready:


Hubby and I being silly:

A bun eating the flower petals from the aisle:

A kiss:

And finally, a great night portrait:

Update: I am not strong.  We are getting the oh-so-pretty album.




One response

24 10 2007

You two are SO CUTE. I dunno how you’ll narrow it down either. Good luck with that.

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