I Love My Husband

2 11 2007

I love my husband and I don’t think it’s just because we’re in that “just married” phase.  We’ve been together for over 6 years and lived together for 5 of those.  I just don’t think the love is going to end.

That’s why I’m so confused when my coworkers talk about how much they can’t wait to get rid of their husbands.   They bash these guys inside and out and although some guys do drastically change after marriage (like my step-dad) I just don’t think that the case all the time.

Are the two people in these relationships just lazy about being in love?  Do they never do nice things for each other or appreciate the fact that the other person may have feelings?

I just don’t get and I hope I never do.  My husband is amazing for so many reasons.  For example, he’s a wonderful cook and we switch off making dinner and the person who doesn’t cook does the dishes.  Last night he made delicious thai curry and he went to go clean the dishes afterwards.  When I asked him to stop since it was my turn to do the cleaning he insisted on doing it, reasoning that I had done the laundry so he’d clean.  I mean, am I lucky or what?  Our whole relationship is give and take and today I am reveling in how wonderful that is.

*Stepping off my soapbox now*




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