Back on the Dieting Bandwagon

5 11 2007

Okay, the honeymoon was fun and full of glutenous goodness but now I’m back in the real world.  That means my fat ass has got to…well…go.  Actually, maybe not.  I rather like the fact that my butt is big and round.  (My husband has a bubble butt too)  Perhaps ridding myself of my posterior shouldn’t be the goal.  Hmmm…what would I like to go first…I know!  My thighs.  Yes, for sure.

Anyways, all this to tell you that you’ll probably have a lot of bitchy, hungry girl posts for the next few days/weeks.  I’m a foodie and it’s really hard to stay on track with the dieting.  I did weight watchrs a couple of years ago and lost 40 pounds so I’m back to counting my points.  I don’t attend meetings, I do it all online, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

So internets, wish me luck and if you have any dieting tips or tricks feel free to share them in the comments section.




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