How I Met My Husband

6 11 2007

Inspired by a post over at Poot and Cubby (which I would link to if I could freakin’ figure out how) I’ve decided to tell you all about how I met my husband.

I was a sophomore in college and he was a senior. We lived in the same college apartment building and he was friends with my roommate. He came to the apartment one night looking for extras to be in his student film. My roommate wasn’t around but I was a theatre major and jumped at the change.

“Great!” he said. “Be downstairs in 5 minutes and dress like you’re in the 20’s.” Ummm…okay. I was a team player. I frantically searched in my closet for 20’s clothes. I came up with a geometric print flapper-type dress and figured that woudl do. I threw on some blacked printed tights with it and some black boots and ran down the stairs to his place.

Well, obviously none of the other extras he had found had put much thought into their outfits. Most of them were in jeans and club-type shirts. I got a few weird looks from them but I was proud of myself for at least TRYING to look like I was in the 20’s.

The shoot went on and my boyfriend picked me up to go eat afterwards (yes, I was dating someone else at the time).

The next year Chris and I started dating. After a few months of dating we were driving around in his car and he turned to me and said “Can I ask you something? Why did you wear that strange dress to my film shoot last year?” Shocked crossed over my face and I was a little upset. Getting all huffy I replied “Well, you said to dress like I was in the 20’s and it’s pretty hard to come up with an outfit like that on 5 minutes notice Mister.” Hmph.

He cracked up and informed me that he had said to dress like I was in MY 20’s, not in THE 20’s. Doh.




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