My Step-Dad In A Nutshell

7 11 2007

My step-dad recently got laid off from his job after 26 years of working there.  Long story but it was really sucky of the company to do.   Anyways, my family is now living on my mom’s salary (which isn’t too much) until my step-dad’s severence kicks in.

Many hilarious things have happened since this lay-off, here are just a few:

1) A few weeks after my dad was escorted out of the building (company policy apparently) he received a huge box in the mail from them.  He figured it was the contents of his locker since he hadn’t had a chance to clean it out.  He set it on the table and proceeded to open it.  After much flinging of the bubble wrap he found…a tabletop grandfather clock.  Wait, it get better!  On the front of the clock there is a plaque which reads “His name, 1981-2007.”  Yeah, like if he died.  What company lays someone off and then sends them a commemorative clock?

2) After a few months of waiting for the severance to kick in my mom asked him what was going on.  Apparently he  didn’t put in to the paperwork needed to collect it because if he did “they’d want me to look for a job in the same field and I want to do something different.”  This coming from a 60 year old man.  A week later he told me about this really exciting job he found at a zoo!  Haha.

3) The job with the zoo must not have worked out because a few weeks ago  he told my mom that he was going to apply to be a pizza delivery boy.  Somehow, he fails to see the difference between $45,000/year and $8.00/hour.

4) Today my mom found him sitting at home (as always) studying his Latin language books.  When asked what he was doing he replied that Latin is a good thing to have when looking for a job.  Really?  Because I’ve never been asked if I knew Latin.  When my mom gave him a stunned look he replied “My job definitely would have found out if I hadn’t know any Latin when I started.”  Hmmm…his job required no knowledge of any kind of foreign language whatsoever.  Interesting the things people will come up with when job hunting.




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