My AIM Convo’s with my Mom

9 11 2007

My Mom and I always have strange AIM or phone conversations.  There always seems to be some miscommunication that ends up in complete hilarity.  Yesterday was no different.

We’re typing along and I tell her “Chris may be here to pick me up soon so if I stop typing abruptly you’ll know why.  Just a warning.”  I’d hate to leave her hanging with no idea what happened so this is often something I’ll let her know if I have to leave soon or I have an appointment coming in.

The converstation continued just fine for the next 10 minutes then, out of nowhere, she types “bye.”  What?  What happened?  I had no idea?  I responded with “Ummmm…okay.”

She’s a slow typer and after a few minutes her response came: “I abrupted you first.  Hahaha”

That’s my mom alright.




One response

9 11 2007

LOL…your mama’s funny!

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