Overheard at Souplantation:

13 11 2007

Mom:  C’mon honey, it’s time to go.

Kid: But I don’t wannna’ go!   Why do we have to go?

Mom: Because it’s late and I’m not feeling very well.

Kid: (after a short pause a light bulb goes on above her head) OHHHH!  Do you have to go to the pooper?

Haha,  I couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud.




One response

14 11 2007

Kids suck. You just wait…that’ll be you one day.

And Souplantation…isn’t that like Sweet Tomatoes? Same place? I had Sweet Tomatoes a few weeks ago for the first time ever when I was out of town and now I am DYING for them to put one near me. LOVED that place!

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