How Do They Do That?

19 11 2007

I went to brunch with some friends yesterday to celebrate one of their birthdays.  Brunch was at 11:30am.  Mmmm…yummy brunch!  We ordered brunch (nachos for me which I can’t really recommend but they did the job since I don’t eat eggs) and sat around talking for a bit.  …and sat some more, and some more, and some more.

This peticular group of friends is known for this.  For being able to sit at a restaurant ALL DAY LONG.  We sat there for so long that we eventually ordered lunch, and then dessert.  Yes, we sat there for 4.5 hours!  (Although, I must say dessert was wonderful.  We ordered s’mores and they brought flames to our table to cook them on.  Yummy!)

Anways, while I love spending time with these friends I just don’t understand how they can sit there and not move for so long.  I asked Chris and he thinks it’s the same reason why he can sit in front of a video game for 5 hours and be happy.  I just can’t sit and do anything the same for 5 hours.  Do I have ADD?  Are my friends just lazy?  Am I just impatient?  Who knows?




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