27 11 2007

I love broccoli.  Love, love, love it!  Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual.

Whenever I have any dish with broccoli I have terrible stomach cramps just a couple of hours later.  My Mom says that it’s because broccoli gives you bad gas.  Is this it?  Is that why my stomach hardens like a rock when I eat broccoli because I thought I was just growing another head of it in my tummy.  My husband thinks there’s no way it’s just gas.

I’ve tried living without my dear friend broccoli but I miss him.  He’s always been good to me and I don’t feel right just abandoning him on the side of the plate like that.  I think I may finally swallow my pride and go buy some Bean-O.  Yes, it will make me feel like I’m 90 years old but I’ll give anything a shot at this point.




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