Boo on Me!

5 02 2008

I am a bad, bad blogger.  I think the whole thing frightens me.  I have a good time writing on it for awhile and then I get this feeling like if I miss a day or two the internets will come and hunt me down and yell at me.

I’m not sure I’ll every be able to write on this thing everyday but I do love the feeling that there are a few people out there reading what I’m writing.  It makes me feel less alone in the world.

So, while I have no great, funny stories today (I’ve decided this is because I don’t have children.  All the funny bloggers out there have kids) I wanted to say that I’m back and I’m really going to make an effort this time.

Now, on to what I DO have to say today:

I went on two auditions last night (did you know I was a theatre major in college?) which is more than I’ve been to in quite a while.  And on top of that these auditions required monologues, not just the reading of sides.  And if I may say so myself, I kicked ass!  The second auditioner even said that he has a great part for me and will call me mid-March.  The part is in the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury and I’m super excited to work on something like it.

The only down side was that I waited three and a half hours to be seen at the second audition.  The director seemed really nice but he took about 15 minutes with each actor and although there were only 15 people ahead of me, it translated into three and a half lllooonnnnggg hours.

I don’t know why that is; sometimes you can go to an audition and be in and out in less than five minutes (like the first one) and other times the night drags on.




One response

12 02 2008

That is so cool! A theatre major. Maybe I’ll be able to say “I knew her when…”. 🙂

And I had to speak up about the “funny blogs always have kids”. OFFENSIVE. Teehee, just kidding. I, my dear, do no have kids and I’m a RIOT. :))

Thanks for dropping by my place!

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