Selfish People

6 02 2008

I went to CVS last night to pick up some more tylenol cold for my poor husband and while walking into the store, at 6pm mind you, this punk (wow, I sound old!) is spray painting the front of the building.  I went in and told the clerk who went and stood by the door but did not leave the store and then I spotted the store security guard and told him.  He responded with a “Really?!  Where?!) and then waddled around the store aisles some more.

This makes me mad for so many reasons.  First of all, wtf man?  What is the point in spray painting someone else’s property?  I just don’t get it.  Then, the fact that the security guard did nothing about it pissed me off.  I wanted so badly to say something to the kid when I caught him but there were about 6 of his buddies around and it wasn’t worth the risk.

Things like this make me so mad.  It makes me mad that being a crappy person is a vicious cycle.   I’m sure that this kids parents were somewhat ghetto or he wouldn’t be out doing this and I’m sure that his stupidity will get several girls knocked up and they will raise their kids with the same stupidity and in fifteen years his kids will be doing the same thing he is.

It seriously gets me so riled up that I want to become President just so I can enforce really strict punishment on people like this.  Like, maybe, set them out to sea and leave them there.




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