Grandma and the Girls

8 02 2008

My Grandma went to live in an assisted living place with my Aunt in January.  She had been living in her own apartment about a mile away from my Mom for over 10 years but her mind was going and it was time she had a few more people around to look after her.

Since she got there she’s been going a little looney.  She’s started “talking on the phone” to imaginary people by holding her hand up, cupped to her ear.  When someone tries to tell her that she doesn’t have a phone in her hand she snaps back that “She talks to people differently and doesn’t need a phone!”  Oookay.  Whatever you say 🙂

The latest news from that front is the best though.  She’s recently declared that she’s a lesbian.  And that she’s in love with her imaginary friend and that they have been in love a long time.  My Aunt tells her that that’s great!  It’s not a problem!  but my Grandma insists on telling everyone she meets.   She went to the doctor yesterday and told him so that “he’d have the whole picture.”  He turned to her and said “Well.  That should make you a lot more people at the assisted living parties.”  Thank goodness for good-humored docs.




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10 02 2008

Welcome back!

My grandma is going through something similar. Its so sad, but at the same time so funny! Glad you can laugh about it! My husband thinks I’m horrible when I laugh at the things my grandma does. But if you don’t laugh it just breaks your heart.

15 02 2008
Laura B.

My grandma had dementia…the best action is to just go along with them. I laughed out loud when you said she was saying she was a lesbian. Another thing is that they lose their ability to censor themselves…ha!

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