12 02 2008

Amanda over at Shamelessly Sassy is talking about her quirks this week so I thought I’d tell you about mine. I have a few.

1) I MUST kiss my stuffed animals (all four of them) goodnight every night before I go to bed or I can’t possibly sleep. I must say their names, tell them that I love them and then put them down. But now just down anywhere. They have to look comfortable. This is something my husband has had drilled into his brain. If they don’t look comfortable I have to re-arrange them or it bothers me all night. Then my bunny Fontelroy comes to sleep with me, tucked under my neck. I need him to sleep and I even took him on my honeymoon with me.

2) I’m very concerned with inanimate objects having “friends.”  For example, I dropped a piece of cereal down the drain by accident a while ago.  I was worried about it being lonely so I took another piece of cereal out of the box and threw it down there too so they would have each other to keep them company.

I think this type of behavior stems from something my Mother did with the best of intentions when I was younger.  When I didn’t feel like eating my peas, carrots, whatever she would get me to eat one and then tell me that the Mama pea missed her child so she had to be eaten too, etc.  This has since made me neurotic and if something falls on the floor and I have to throw it away, I must throw a “friend” away with it too.

I think I’ll leave it at those two quirks for now since I’m starting to realize how crazy this is going to seem to some of you.  Ummm…yeah…don’t call the nut house on me, k?




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12 02 2008
Around The Funny Farm

Definitely QUIRKY! LOL

🙂 Beth

12 02 2008

i’m the same way with the “friend” thing. i won’t eat certain food, because it’s “too cute” to eat. lol.

12 02 2008

haha. I love #2! Thanks for participating! 🙂

12 02 2008

I kind of understand with the friend thing. I feel bad for cups and dishes that never get used. So I’ll move them to the top of the stack so they can be. Or I’ll wear socks that I haven’t worn in a while for the same reason.

OK, I’m starting to scare myself!

13 02 2008

Woo Hoo! You succeeded in having quirks I hadn’t before heard. 🙂 And how sweet of you to send two “friends” to their death so they wouldn’t have to go it alone. Awwww… 😉

13 02 2008

i used to do that with my stuffed animals and dolls…and, every once in a while, i have some guilt that they are tucked away (my dolls)in my closet!!
fun quirks!

13 02 2008

I love these! I gave up my stuffie when I got married (at age 29). I guess I really didn’t have to. Well, maybe my husband isn’t as tolerant as yours!

13 02 2008

I still sleep with my pillow that I got from my grandmother when I was 6. My husband knows that I will not go to bed without it 🙂

15 02 2008

Dude, after you have kids you have to tell me if you still do the stuffed animal thing.

And the friends is a good one. For some reason that made me think of how much I love little mini food things. Like little baby ketchup bottles. Or the little Tabasco bottles. OOH, and the mini maple syrups from Cracker Barrel.

Okay…I’m leaving now that I’ve shared my quirk.

15 02 2008
Laura B.

Oh, I love the #2 quirk!! I’m kinda the same way….I will eat candies in pairs (always the same color thank you!).

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