My Husband’s Valentine

14 02 2008

Happy valentine’s Day and all that jazz.  I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan or anything but apparently when I told my husband that we weren’t doing “anything big” for it this year he took it very literally and didn’t do anything.  Nada, zilch, zip.  A card would have been nice but I guess I’d better be more specific next time.

It’s okay, my husband showed me who he picked to be his Valentine last night.  He received his new speakers in the mail from Orb Audio (he got these for finishing my business website that I needed) and feel in love.  We had agreed that he wouldn’t set them up until after he came back from his confrence last week because he had a lot of work to get ready for it still.  However, after working for about an hour he couldn’t stand it anymore and just HAD to put the speakers and stands together.

So, 9pm we call his best friend to come and help.  It took them until 12:00 to set them all up (although admittedly I was no help.  I sat on the couch and read a magazine.  Oh, and I made labels for the wires.)   However,when they were finallydone and turned them on I was amazed.  I really didn’t think speakers could be so special but my how my thighs did quiver.  (Helloooo google searches!)  I guess the speakers could be both of our Valentine’s right?  I mean, he can shar.




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15 02 2008
Laura B.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thanks for swinging by my blog!

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