Into the Dark

19 02 2008

My Husband leaves today for a conference and doesn’t come back until Friday. This is the first time this has happened and I’m a complete chicken when it comes to staying home alone.

My biggest fear is the dark and that’s why this week the tv will be on all night as will some lights (sorry Al Gore!). My fear of the dark is so bad that sometimes, if I hear a bump in the night, I’ll wake Chris up and make him do a “sweep” of the house with me. This consists of us both getting up, turning all the lights on, and searching all the rooms. And by searching the rooms I do mean search. We have to open all the bigger cabinets, look in the stove, the closets, the refrigerator. I guess I feel like anyone could be hiding somewhere ready to jump out at us. This usually involves me carrying around the closest weapon I could find which is more often than not my Miss Teen Ohio trophies. It’s quite the sight.

So I’m really not looking forward to these next few nights. I’ve already warned my friends that live on the floor below us that I might show up with my inflatable bed so they should be ready for a slumber party. Wish me luck!




4 responses

19 02 2008
Laura B.

Oh, Lottifish. I know what you mean. When I’ve had to be by myself I get freaked every time the dogs start barking at something. Maybe you can have a friend come and stay with you?

20 02 2008

i hate when hubby comes home late…because i’m scared of the dark, too!! and, any noise that is strange sounding makes me a paranoid freak!! i hope you do ok!! what a yucky feeling. maybe, after tonight, you’ll decide you like being alone…you can control what’s on the t.v, that way!!
hide under your covers!! that always makes me feel better!

21 02 2008

So I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the time my hubby was out of town, I was 6 months pregnant and discoverd a possum behind my fridge?

No, well, forget I said anything.

21 02 2008

Girl, I totally do the sweeps frequently. I am so bad that I sleep with my cell phone and have a whole plan on what I would do if someone got into the house. You are so not alone!

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