Job Hunting

26 02 2008

Chris went to a conference last week in the field that he’d like to get a job in.  He was able to meet with some great people and we have high hopes that he’ll get called in for a few interviews but this waiting is agonizing.  It’s the type of field where competition is fierce and although Chris would be great at it and the work he’s done on his own in this field (could I be more cryptic?) is wonderful a lot of people want him to have industry experience.  It frustrates me that these people who were once starting out just like him are forgetting that to get industry experience, someone must have faith in you to give you a job in the industry.

A new job for him could mean wonderful things for us.  It could mean a move to an exciting new place, it could mean more money or less, it could mean he’d actually be happy again.  I know how crappy it is to have a sucky job and how it’s hard not to let it stress you out in your downtime but I can’t wait until the smiles come from him at home without being prompted.  It hurts me to see him being treated so badly at his current job and it’s taking every bit of strength I have to stay put rather than go to his office and kick some people in the shins.

Here’s hoping for the phone to ring…




One response

27 02 2008

I know how important it is for a man to have a job he loves. My hubby switched numerous times when he was first out of the Corps, but until he was happy, I knew he would be restless.

I will say a prayer for your husband to get the job he wants and deserves.

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