One Little Thing

29 02 2008

ARGH!  I feel like I’m going to explode!  Why is it that men can not take care of even one, ONE, little thing?

In my house I do the checkbook, I do the taxes, I do the cooking, I do the shopping, etc.  The only thing Chris is responsible for is  the car.  It is his responsibility to take it into the shop for check-ups and work.

About two months ago we had a really bad day of rain and horn has not worked right since.  I have reminded him several times a week since then that he needs to call the shop and take it in while it’s still under warranty.  We were close to being out of warranty and I constantly reminded him of this.  On Wednesday he finally made an appointment to take it in today.

He calls me this morning to tell me that it’s fixed.  And oh yeah, he guesses he put more miles on it recently than he thought and it’s out of warranty so it cost him $75 but not to worry because he took it out of his “stash of money.”  This “stash” of money is one that I put together for him so he can buy new computer parts, games, etc. so that we don’t have to spring for it out of pocket when the need arises.  By using it for the car because of his stupidity it only means that we’re going to be out that money at a later time.

How come he can not wrap his head around this?  Why is it that he couldn’t bring it in anytime in the last two months?  Why didn’t he pay attention to the odometor all these weeks that I’ve been reminding him?  And why, oh why is it that he can’t understand why I’m upset.

Thanks for letting me vent.  I thought it would make me feel better but honestly it just makes me madder.




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29 02 2008
Laura B.

I felt like you after my rant yesterday. I was just more mad afterwards rather than feeling better.

I understand about wanting them to do just one thing around the house. I fight the same fight with my hubby. I would love to hope that they grow up at some point, but I’m not sure it’ll ever happen.

Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in the frustration.

29 02 2008

I know exactly what you mean! exactly.

1 03 2008

unfortunately…i, too, know what you mean. and…i have 3 boys that will one day be like that, too!! i think it’s a genetic defect…part of their chromosomes…sigh!
as for your question about helping…any way you would like, would be my answer. prayers, money, posting about it…however you’d like…whatever you’re comfortable with…is completely and utterly appreciated by me!! just the fact that you asked and showed concern…that, to me, is amazing!!
thank you!!

2 03 2008

Oh I hear ya on this. My husband has car duty and taking the garbage can to the road. Every other week he forgets the garbage and every time I mention that the oil in my car needs changed he makes a comment about how I should just take it to Wal-Mart while I’m grocery shopping. Yes, because going in and out of the service door with two children and a cart full of groceries is a BLAST! Oh. My. God. Why can men not just GROW UP?

3 03 2008

Like when it snows and he goes out and clears a path to HIS car, scrapes HIS windshield, lays salt in front of HIS tires and then I waddle out (last winter, pregnant)carrying two toddler and slip on the ice in front of my truck?

Like that?

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