Goodbye Vacation!

4 03 2008

Oh boy am I PISSED!  At this her job o’mine we have this “bonus” in place so that after 4 years of work for the company you start accruing an extra 1/2 day of vacation time a month.  Well, I start at my company in February 2004 so I should have started accruing the extra time right about…oh, now!

Well, turns out that because the department I originally started working for couldn’t get their act together in the beginning and paid me through a temp agency until they could get the paperwork taken care of to officially hire me my “official” start date isn’t until June 28, 2004 which in turn means that that extra 1/2 day…yeah, not happening until JULY.

I was counting on that extra time and I think it’s completely unfair that I’m losing time even though I was working the exact same position in February and July.  It’s not my fault that they couldn’t get their paperwork together.

I’m livid enough to scream right now.  (Chris think I should just do it.  Right here in my office.  Who would care?)   I’m sorry if it seems like this blog is just one big bitch-fest right now I just had to get this off my chest.




2 responses

5 03 2008
Laura B.

OOoohhh…I would be so mad too. That’s just horrible. Is there nothing they can do regarding an adjustment of your hire date to correctly reflect when you started?

5 03 2008

Oh no, that’s horrible! I hope it all works out.

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