Ready For A Change

14 03 2008

I’m ready for a change in my life.  A big change.  It’s been 6 months since the wedding that took me two years to plan happened and without all the stuff to do for that I’m bored.  Ideally I’d like to buy a house, move, get a pet, or something of that nature but it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

So, in that case I’ve decided to change my hair.  I currently have long, brown curly hair but it’s boring and I’m ready for something crazy.  I have no idea what would look good on my so I’ve made an appointment for Tuesday with a stylist some friends recommended and she’s going to help me figure out what would look good on me.   I willing to do almost anything.  I’ve even considered lavender streaks.  I can’t wait for the change.

My only concern (since I’ve never dyed my hair professionally before) is what happens when I eventually want to go back to my original color?   Do I have to wait a year for the fake color to grow out?  Can the hairdresser dye my fake color back to my real color?

I’m excited but nervous too.  I hope that Chris likes what I have done and I hope this stylist is as good as everyone says she is.  I’ll definitely post pictures.




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