I Can Make You Thin

31 03 2008

Have any of you been watching the “I Can Make You Thin” show on TLC?  I didn’t mean to watch it but I caught the first episode and am hooked.  It’s basically these weight loss tips from this Englishman that seem too goo to be true.  He tells you to eat what you want when you’re hungry, pay attention to your food when you’re eating, and stop when you’re full.

Of course, I’ve found that it’s harder than I thought to stop when I’m full but I’m trying.  And I’m eating at the dining room table a lot more this week instead of in front of the tv which seems to be helping me eat much less.  I’m eating slowly and while I feel a little goofy, if it works I’ll be thrilled.

I did weight watchers a few years ago and lost 40 pounds but I slipped up one week and ended up putting on more weight than I’d lost.  I need a new solution.  I loved weight watchers but I just can’t see myself counting points for the rest of my life.  This new solution really seems like one I can follow because it’s all about listening to myself.

I need to do something.  My jeans are really tight these days and it makes me depressed.  I don’t like lookinig at myself in the mirror and I worry that other people are starting to stare.  My sex life is really suffering (tmi, I know) and I need to lose the weight.

I’m not asking to be a size 4.  A size 9/1o would make me really happy.  Wish me luck with this!




2 responses

1 04 2008

I’ve never seen the show, but it sounds like sound advice. I think the best advice for losing weight is to just eat whole foods. It’s all the processed and convenience foods that are loaded with the empty calories.

Fingers crossed for you!

3 04 2008

I’ll wish you luck if you wish me luck. 😉 I lost 20 pounds the summer before last when I was still working just by PAYING ATTENTION. It sounds so dumb, but I would just stop and think am I really hungry? Do I really NEED that Reeses? Didn’t I just eat lunch and now I’m reaching for a snack? It was such a simple thing to do, but I’ve since quit working and am at home now and…well…I gained it all back. And then some.

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