4 04 2008

Why does it bother me so much that it take my husband 4 days to write an email?  It’s not that he types slowly.  He’s a fine typer.  It’s that he’s a perfectionist.  He’s been working on this one email for 4 days now (including 3 hours last night) and he just can’t seem to send it.  It’s driving me nuts.

I could never spend that much time on an email.  He’ll type a paragraph, re-read it, re-write it, edit it, and then do it all over again…ON THE SAME PARAGRAPH!  I, on the other hand, type out what I want and hit send.  Spelling mistakes and editing be damned!  I just don’t have the time.

I wish that this didn’t bother me so much but it does.  It drives me up the wall that he seems so slow at something that I feel should only take a matter of a 1/2 hour…if that.  Do any of you have a pet peeve of your husband/boyfriend/friend?



One response

8 04 2008

“Do any of you have a pet peeve of your husband/boyfriend/friend?”

Seriously, you don’t have enough room on this page!

I spent so many years trying to change Dave’s annoying habits. Now, I just leave the room!

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