When You Want To Leave

21 04 2008

My husband has been over his job for awhile now and while he’s making a good attempt at finding a new one, no one is biting yet. He went to film school and has worked with computers for a long time now but he’s trying to break into the video game business. He took many video game design classes in college and has made lots of prototypes, etc. but he’s being told “you need industry experience” at every turn.

This is very frustrating for both of us. How can you possibly gain industry experience if every job in the industry requires some? I’m fairly certain that the people in positions of power in “the industry” these days came from somewhere…somewhere long ago when they didn’t have that coveted experience. And you know what? Someone took a chance on them and now we just need them to repay the favor.

My husband is damn good at what he wants to do. He talk about it all the time and is always working on new projects but he wants to be part of a company and I want that for him so badly. I feel like I’ve always been able to “fix” his problems to some degree and it’s really killing me that I can’t fix this. All I can do is support him and pray with all my might that someone see’s what I see in him.

Here’s hoping…

update: Ignore the fact that I wrote on this same topic, with lots of the same language months ago.  It’s still happening so you’re still hearing about it.




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