Stealing My Mom’s Funnies

29 05 2008

It’s been a long time without a post…what can I say?  I don’t win the best blogger award this year.  Oh well.  Life’s busy.

Today I am going to steal two funny stories that my Mom told me last night and post them here.  She doesn’t have a blog so I’m sure she won’t mind, right Mom?

My Mom works part-time at Marshall’s (a discount department store type place) and she was re-organizing the knick knack part of the store.  She saw a porcelain tea cup on the top shelf in the stationary section so she goes to pick it up and put it in the right place.  Well, to her surprise she picks it up and tea and a tea bag pour all over her!  In the store!  What customer brings a real tea cup…with tea!…into a store and then forgets it there.  She was soaked.  And confused.

Then, she’s going upstairs to clock in and she has to walk through the pillow aisle to get to the stairs.  She passes a 20-something boy holding two pillows with a red lanyard and nametage around his neck, just like the employees wear.  She figures it must be a new employee because they have a pretty high turnover and she doesn’t always know everyone.

As she’s walking through the aisle this boy’s cell phone rings and he answers it.  The conversation goes as follows:

Boy: Yeah, I’m at Marshall’s.  Uh huh…no.  I’m working.

My Mom goes up to the boy, give him a stern look, and tells him that there is no talking on the store floor!  The boy stumbles out an “okay, sorry” and hangs up the phone.  My Mom clocks in and goes to the front desk to look at the schedule and ask who the new kid is…only problem is that there is no new kid.  Apperently that boy was a customer on his break from another store, with similar lanyards, in the complex.  Haha!  She told a customer that he couldn’t talk on the phone in the store!

Thanks for the post material Mom!




3 responses

31 05 2008

I would have been pissed about the tea!

But you know what, that kid probably needed a good “mom” reminder anyway!

7 06 2008

Hey, I wish more people in public would be told they can’t talk on their cell phones! It can be SOOO annoying!

20 06 2008
Shamelessly Sassy

hahahhaha. love it. Also, I love Marshalls.

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