It’s The Little Things

6 10 2008

There is one (well, several really, but one for this post’s purpose) thing that really drives me up the wall.  I live in a large apartment building with one washer and dryer on each floor.  Tonight, like many other nights, I put my wash in the washer while someone else’s wet stuff sat on top of the dryer.  Sure enough those people came and put their stuff in the dryer right before my wash was done, forcing me to wait 52 minutes before I could move my wet clothes to the dryer.

Here’s where it get irksome.  I go at the very minute their clothes should be done drying and someone has taken my stuff out of the washer and put their own stuff in.  This drives me nuts for several reasons.  1) It makes no sense.  Why move my stuff when it’s only going to be in the dryer after the other people’s anyway and 2) I HAD ANOTHER LOAD!  WTF people, really!

Last time this happened you could say I may have gone a teensy bit overboard.  ie. I sat in the laundry room waiting for the culprit and then explained in a stern tone why this practice made no sense.  But today I am making strides.  I only wrote a note (a nice note if I do say so myself) and taped it to the dryer asking the perp not to do this again as I made my Husband find another empty floor to put our other load in (after waiting an hour for our floor).

While writing the note makes me feel slightly better, there is a 90% chance that the person it’s meant for won’t speak English and therefore it will mean nothing to them.   Maybe I am slightly crazy about this whole thing but I can’t help it.  I hate people who don’t use the Golden Rule.  Now I’m just looking forward to seeing my note here.




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