Pole Dancing Class

8 10 2008

This past weekend I attended an S Factor Intro pole dancing class.  I was looking forward to it all week but admittadely, I was pretty shy once I got there.  But oh. my. God., was that class fun!

It’s set in a room with no mirros and only red lights in the corners on.  It consists of an hour long “warm-up” which in my opinion was “the hardest workout I’ve ever done” and then some sexy walking and pole tricks.  Honestly, I was expecting some of the other girls to be sleezy but none of them were.  After awhile everyone got really into it and we all smacked our asses with joyous screams of delight.

I couldn’t help feeling that all this girl goodness was a waste though.  No boy are allowed in this class and we all looked so cute with our sexy walks and swinging around the poles.  It was lost on us though…we needed an audience of boys for sure.  I tried to show my Husband my moves that night but it wasn’t the same in my apartment and without all these other fun girls doing it with me.

I’d love to go back and take their level one 8 week courses but it’s a little out of my price range right now…okay…a lot out of my price range.  But if I ever win the lottery you’ll know where to find me.




5 responses

10 10 2008

wow how cool-a pole dancing class!!! but that falls into the exercise catergory and I am very agaisnt exercise LOL

10 10 2008

Wow, that must have been fun!

Hi I’m sort of the unofficial and self appointed welcoming committee for SSS. So glad you signed up, it’s going to be fun.

12 10 2008

I hear that it is great exercise. I’m glad there are no boys in the class.

13 10 2008
Linda S

Seriously, if you even attempt pole dancing for hubby at home he better whistle and throw dollah bills down your g string just for effort! Sounds like fun, and I hope you get to finish the class!

sss’er too! glad you are joining us!

17 10 2008

I am a SSS member, just passing through!

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