Bringing Scary Back

20 10 2008

When did Halloween because all about being sexy?  Why is it that the only costumes available for girls are sexy witch, and sexy police officer, and sexy pirate?  What about scary?  Isn’t being scary the whole point of Halloween?

This year I really didn’t want to be the sexy version of anything.  I wanted to be scary.  I thought it’d probably e pretty easy for me to find a scary costume since I’m plus-sized but I was wrong.  It just means that they make the sexy costumes a little bigger.  So sad.

I’m putting my own witch costume together instead and I refuse to be anything but scary.  To ensure that there’s no sexy goin’ on I’m going to even add a few warts.  I don’t know why I’m so against the sexy things this year but it seems so played out.  Maybe that’s just the married woman in me talking.




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