Some Days Just Suck Like That.

29 10 2008

Yesterday was a crappy day.  Nothing seemed to go right.  I woke up with a nightmare that only I would have about plane tickets that were overlapping in times and me demanding from the airline desks at the airport that they “find me an earlier flight to Iceland!”  I have no idea why I was going to Iceland but it was a traumatic time management dream non-the-less.

Then, while walking to the bus to go to work (the Hubby was home and therefore I let him keep the car) and gardener tried to turn off his hose but instead turned it on full blast and ripped the hose off of the spout right as I was walking by.  I could see it coming in slow motion but there was nothing I could do about it.  I got soaked.  And the man whose fault it was?  He just looked at me like I had some nerve to go getting soaked by his hose.  I got on the bus and to work drenched.

Then I got called in for a commercial audition.  Great, right?  It would have been but it was an improv audition and I suck at those.  Even though there were no lines, I just had to speak from my brain, I still fumbled the first sentence.

To top it off, as my Husband came around the block to pick me up from my audition he got pulled over by a cop for making a right turn onto this little side strett so he could pull into the driveway where I was.  It’s a two way street but apperently they don’t want you turning there.  Ugh.

I saw him get pulled over from across the street and had no idea what I should do.  Should I go get in the car?  Should I wait till the cop is gone?  It seems like a silly dilema but I didn’t want to make the situation worse so I called my Mom for advice.  Her advice? ” Go over and get in the car because you probably look like a Hooker standing there on the street like that.”  Thanks Mom.

Needless to say I’m glad it’s a new day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one goes a little better.




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